Doosan Tower

Doota is Korean SOHO and a leader in Korean fashion industry.

Doota features some 100 designer brands in clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, lifestyles and more.

Over the past 15 years, Doota has grown into a world-class shopping attraction visited by over 20 million people a year.
​Doota has emerged as a global fashion mall in Dongdaemun, a fashion cluster in Korea that increasingly garners the world’s attention.

All the retail space from shop to dining are up to 8th floor. We designed the 9th floor conference space. The space is for highly multi-fuctional from mini concert space to big conference. The operable wall system gives the space multi-program possible. With the rail of the wall system, we have a modular ceiling tile integrated lighting and air circulation system. This makes all the other events  happen in super highly density area, Dongdaemoon, Seoul.

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    Republic of Korea

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    3D Visualization